Feeding Children Everywhere 2015

    Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE) is a wonderful charitable organization where a large number of volunteers are organized to assemble nutritious and delicious ingredients into food packets that will be donated to a charity of choice to feed many hungry families.  Because the host of each FCE event is able to designate who will be the beneficiary of the food that is assembled, our Dallas Chapter of IDS chose to call this awesome charitable team building experience "Full Bellies Open Minds," and we chose Dallas ISD as our beneficiary, where over 90% of the students in some schools are on the free or reduced lunch plan and many of these children only eat while they are at school.  Our original goal of raising $1500 to feed 6,000 children was exceeded through generous sponsorships and donations, and we were able to raise $2,077 total, with 100% of those funds being spent on the ingredients and supplies needed to assemble all the food packets, so 8,308 children in Dallas schools directly benefited from our efforts.  This event promoted a great sense of camaraderie amongst designers and associates and was a wonderful team building experience for everyone who participated in any way.  
    Over 90% of the students in Dallas ISD schools are on free or reduced lunch plans, and many only eat while they are at school.  We wanted to make a big difference in their lives through our Full Bellies Open Minds event, which directly fed over 8,300 children in DISD.
    Venue space was donated by New Life Hardwoods' owner Pat Hicks.  Our sponsorship banner was an 8ft by 8ft vinyl banner with full color logos printed on it top to bottom, and this was donated by a local company called TextOn because one of our IDS member's husband works there.  The high school daughter of one of our members invited her fellow cheerleaders to attend the Full Bellies Open Minds event and cheer us on the whole way through!  These girls also brought markers and wrote inspirational messages on all the boxes full of meals that were assembled during the event.

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