Can't Miss Conference

    Coming home from the IDS National Conference in Scottsdale Arizona and joining with the fine members of ART, allowed me to ponder what a dynamic group of professionals we have the privilege to work alongside on a daily basis in this beautiful industry of Interior Design.  I most enjoyed collaborating with many of those who share the same challenges and obstacles and having honest dialog regarding just the day to day business issues we all have, with open hearts.

    Relaxing in this beautiful atmosphere of beauty everywhere was a perfect compliment to why we were even here.  Our Chapters enjoyed the benefit of learning from many top leaders in the profession and sharpening our skills and showing us better ways to be more effective leaders for our staff and for our clients.  There were times I honestly couldn't write fast enough to make sure I didn't miss a valuable nugget of information that could have a dramatic impact on my business.  Also, meeting so many top-leaders in our Industry tends to always sharpen iron with iron, and I was sincerely proud to be associated with so many women and men from Chicago, Ohio, Long Island, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Houston, Dallas and so many other places that filled in the lower 48. 

    We had the unique privilege to serve US Veterans by designing almost 140 units with Art, Rugs, Lights, Small Tables and Accessories.  It was difficult to see how many of them were living in small spaces but to bring "once again" the true joy of how Interior Design can truly change the way you live, was a blessing to each person that worked that day.  With over 1000 boxes to unpack and almost 90 degree heat, it was great to see a community of 160 ish people get in there and get the job done and do it with smiles, compassion and joy.  I was so proud!!!!  

    Of course, our National IDS Conference ended on a very high- note as our Dallas Chapter won more awards individually than any other Chapter in the US.  Yep....that's right.  LOADS of talent all around us.  Reach out and let them know how proud you are!

    Congratulations to Kim Bailey Interiors, Baker Design Group, Ruthie Staalsen, Staci Steidley, Ginger Curtis, Barbara Gilbert, Michelle Kopfer, Traci Connell Interiors, and Sherwin Williams.  

    What a memorable Conference with Friends and Business Associates.  YOU MUST MAKE PLANS TO ATTEND NEXT YEAR and meet us all back for the time of your life!  

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